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A superhero is born

Months ago, my husband Brett and I rented the DVD version of a movie we’d hoped to catch in the theater—the corny-on-the-cob
Jack Black flick, Nacho Libre. We figured
the film would register as background noise for Jack that night. We were wrong.

Ever since Jack had his first taste of Nacho, he’s been
spellbound by capes, masks, and stretchy pants. Inspired first by Nacho, and
later by other super-heroic hunks, Jack relied on resources at hand to create
his very own costume. He came up with a very distinct look (which every superhero needs):


He has been using that hot-pink batik sarong as a cape for
months. Creative? Yes. Dignified enough for superhero status? Well . . . it depends on what kind of superhero he wants to become.

This weekend, I decided to design a one-of-a-kind cape for
Jack. We sat down together, picked out colors, and we even drew it together, as
you can see here:


When I drew a fat red “J” in the center of the cape, Jack jumped up, still
gripping a colored pencil in each hand, and screamed with glee:

“I love my cape! I
love my cape!”

When the earsplitting shrieking began, I smiled. I had


I’m about halfway done with the project now. Aside from the
relentlessly repeated “Is it done yet?” query, Jack has been helpful, patient, gracious—even
self-sacrificing, in that he has allowed me to work on his cape without
interruption at least 10 minutes in a row on two occasions. 

Sounds like the makings of a superhero to me.

1 thought on “A superhero is born”

  1. this takes me back to when aj and ryan were about jack’s age and granny made them each superhero capes–not nearly as fancy as jack’s, but good enough! ryan’s was red and aj’s was orange and they were constructed kind of like aprons except you tied them around your neck. they jumped off couches and ran around the back yard for months with those capes traipsing behind them. it was so fun to watch! it must be a little boys’ rite of passage….


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