Welcome to ReMade Nation

Hello there, and welcome to ReMade Nation, where I have no idea what’s going to happen.

Well, okay, I have a few ideas.

I’m an avid thrifter and frequent maker/stitcher/quilter, and one of my favorite pursuits is to find ways to blend those two worlds. Because two worlds is better than one!

I recently finished writing a book, now in production with Martingale, called Visible Mending. I’m excited to see my two favorite topics combined in this book, coming June 2018.

I used to blog regularly at an old site called WildCard Quilts (I’m no longer paying for the site, so the aesthetics are sad, but the writing is still there). Back then I blogged about mama life, my tiny kids, and my thrifting and sewing escapades.

WildcardQuilts--March 2010 banner
An old banner from Wildcard Quilts. I did have so much fun making those banners.

Now I have big kids. Thirteen and nine, both boys, Jack and Charlie. But I still thrift and sew, same as back then. (Is it only me, or are creative outlets sometimes the only things that keep life on an even keel for the long haul? Same?)

thrift-1thrift-2Latest thrift: Indigo Soul eyelet tunic

20171128_114531.jpgLatest sewing (needles motif from the book Lunch-Hour Embroidery by Adrienne Smitke)

If you choose to follow along here, I hope to hear from you about your creative journey. Because creativity + creativity = more creativity. And who doesn’t like that?

Setting sail on a new adventure can be scary, especially when you’re not sure where you’re going. But here we go.

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