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👖 A crotchety question 👖

When I first told my family that I’d be writing a book called Visible Mending, they were excited for me—but a little perplexed. What is visible mending, anyway? I’m sure they wondered.

After my husband explained the idea to my brother-in-law, he got it—and promptly brought by several pairs of worn-out jeans to be “visibly mended.”

How to mend crotch of jeans

I was elated! How cool is it that my brother-in-law would allow me to let loose on his jeans—he said he loved these pairs so much but they were so worn out, they’d just been sitting in a bag. He couldn’t bear to throw them out. Isn’t that how many of us feel about our much-loved textile, tactile things? I have ancient jeans that, when I put them on, feel like a hug.

visible mending denim
Owned since 2012

Embroidery on denim

After reviewing the damage to my brother-in-law’s denim collection, I realized a lot of his jeans had the same specific rip. I got to thinking . . . perhaps it would be helpful to create a crash-course in mending the one area on jeans that we don’t really like to discuss.


At my day job I work as a content editor for this wonderful company, writing blog and social-media posts, so I know my way around SEO (search-engine optimization) rules. I decided to look up SEO on mending crotches. This is what came up:

Visible mending jeans
😮 😮 😮

It turns out that many people have been searching for an answer to their crotch questions. Well, well, well. I couldn’t believe it. So many crotchety questions!

So here’s a question I’d like to pose to you, ReMade Nation tribe: would you like to learn more about mending crotches? I’ve got some quick techniques at the ready, and I’m all about sharing.

Let me know what you think in the comments—I think this could easily become the secret bonus chapter to my book. (Thanks for the idea, accidentalcatlady.) 😻

I’ve finished a few mends on my brother-in-law’s jeans so far:

visible mending denim
Moon modeled by my husband 

Still got a few mends to go. Perfect time to set up a few tutorials!

Listening today. Sampled from this song.

5 thoughts on “👖 A crotchety question 👖”

    1. Thank you Melwyk! That is an important consideration – um, less “visible” mending in some areas! I’m working on a post to address just that thing, stay tuned – and thanks for stopping by the blog! –Jenny


  1. Would love to see more on this issue. The other one is suggestions for the wallet pocket—my husband’s wallet wears a hole in every pair of jeans—a little tricky to mend —-would love ideas.


    1. Hi Lisa, I’m so glad to hear you would be interested! And yes, the wallet pocket, that’s a good one. I have a similar imprint in several of my jeans but they’re from Burt’s Bees lip balm! 😂 I’ll see what I can put together! –Jenny


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