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Back in April I was famous for a day in Utah.

I was recently reminded about an article that a statewide paper ran about me and The Little Box of Baby Quilts a few months ago. The link to the article is still on the paper’s site, at the Deseret News. You can read it here.

Just in case you are wondering, the "Deseret" in Deseret News means this, according to

Des – er- et [dez-uh-ret]
An area proposed by the Mormons in 1849 as an independent state or a state of the Union. Deseret would have included much of the southwest United States, with a capital at Salt Lake City. Congress refused to recognize the provisional state and created the Utah Territory in 1850.

They couldn’t name the state "Deseret." Naming the newspaper "Deseret" was the next best thing.

A very kind woman named Carma interviewed me. She got lost on the way to my house and ended up at the local Ben Franklin store, where my baby quilts were on display. The photographer, Jeff, and I (and Brett and Jack) met Carma at the Ben Franklin for the start of the interview, and for photos. Here’s the first photo Jeff took:


Carma asked me one question, and I was off. I blabbed. On and on I went. When you are designing 20 quilts in nine months, it’s a pretty solitary journey. I hadn’t talked to anyone about my start-to-finish experience. Poor Carma, I opened the floodgates on her. Her pencil nearly set fire to the paper she was taking notes on.

We went back to my house for a few more photos and some final interview questions. I was nervewracked at the time. But looking back on that day, it was actually pretty fun. And flattering to find that I ended up on the front page of section B. Hey, it’s not section A, but I’ll take the next best thing!

I once had aspirations to become a reporter. Then I found out about the hours. Now I’m a copywriter. Sometimes what you think is the next best thing actually turns out to be the real best thing.

1 thought on “Back in April I was famous for a day in Utah.”

  1. I always wanted to be a reporter, too.
    By the way…my Little Box of Baby Quilts came in the mail the other day. Oh my God!!! I have never seen anything so cute and adorable before! The quilts are fantastic!
    I majored in Elementary Education. When I was taking a class on how to teach children to read we learned how different shapes of books, pop-up books, books with texture (touch and feel) made reading more fun. I can honestly say that works for quilting books as well.
    When I ordered your book I thought it was going to be like every other quilt book. Boy was I wrong! I have had so much fun looking in the little box! I was also surprised to find 22 adorable quilts! I don’t think I have ever bought a quilt book with 22 patterns! And the price is fantastic, too!
    Thanks for sharing your designs with us.


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