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Blue bamboo dress + a thrift that’s very *deer* to me

Hello, Nation of one! (Ha, well, you’ve gotta start somewhere. Thank you, accidentalcatlady.)

A project finish and a thrift to share today.

The alterations to my thrifted blue bamboo dress are done—mainly the hem. I wanted to mimic the hand-embroidery on the bodice on the hem of the dress, which was originally ankle length.



I chopped the hem to knee-length and added rustic rings of embroidery. The imperfectness of each stitch makes me smile.



I have an aversion to the idea that the things we make need to look “professional,” or store-bought, or perfect. And although I respect those that strive to achieve perfection, I don’t think I’ve ever perfected anything. I’m okay with that.


That’s me too, David.

I like this part of me.

And speaking of perfectly imperfect things, I thrifted this wonderful, weird ceramic piece last week:


Signature on the back. I have no idea what it means. But I do wonder.

The final reveal of that bamboo dress. I like it!

A side note: sewing and thrifting are two of my passions, but I have one more: music. In each post going forward I plan to post a link to a song that I am loving that day. I look forward to a year or two or more from now when I can go back to a post, click on a link, and go, “Oh my heck I forgot about that song!” Can’t wait for that. So:

Listening today.

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