About that video on the sidebar

So, there’s a link to a video over there (←). On the
sidebar. About The Little Box of Baby
. I’m in it.

The video runs about 6 1/2 minutes. For about 4 1/2 of those
minutes I’m talking. And talking. And TALKING. And while I’m talking, other
things are going on with me that will likely irritate you if you decide to
watch. They include:

—Looking directly BELOW the camera lens during the majority
of my TALKING. I wrote the script. I am happy with the script. But I did not
realize that I should have memorized
the script. When you notice my eyes darting up and down, down and up (and you
WILL notice), please forgive me—I am reading. 

—Not making a pact with myself to, with absolutely no doubt,
have a GOOD HAIR DAY before leaving the hotel that morning. 

—Giving in to the well-meaning people who told me I needed
MORE makeup.

I think the production of the video is awesome—the editing,
the set-up shots, the pans over my quilts and my photos of Jack—that’s all
delightfully super-duper. My kick-ass publisher took a chance on me, investing
time and money in this video. So, I certainly do not want to scare you off
from watching this video. I just felt the need to preface the watching of this
video with all the things I hate about me in this video. 

However . . . if you do choose to sit through this video, you’ll
be rewarded with some nice close-up shots of baby quilts. After I’m finished

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