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14 questions from a four year old

Over the past several weeks I've attempted to answer a whole new arsenal of questions from Jack. It used to be that answers to his questions were pretty pat, straightforward. But these days, I'm getting stumped. With some questions, I've simply forgotten the details (see question #1). Other questions are more sensitive. Still other questions stop me in the moment–because there are thousands of ways to answer–as I try to choose the answer I want him to hear most. The best-case-scenario answer. The cup-is-half-full answer. The answer I would have liked to hear at age four.

See if you can answer some of these questions in a way that would quench a four year old's curiosity (meaning he won't ask the next question, which is inevitibly "Why?").

1. Why is the sky blue?

2. Are we flying through outer space, on Earth?

3. Why are there other countries?

4. Why do I have to die?

5. Why do people's knees have to move when they walk?

6. But HOW does Daddy get the seed into your tummy?

7. Why is this my bed? And what does the Easter Bunny look like? Is he a pink bunny with polka dots? Because I want to go to his castle and meet him and say hi. How far is the Easter Bunny's castle? (Yes, these were a set of consecutive, stream-of-conciousness questions, asked while Jack was jumping on the bed. I had no idea the Easter Bunny had a castle.)

8. Do I have screws inside my body?

9. Why did you want to make me and Charlie?

10. Why don't you want to have more babies? I want a sister!

11. What are inside carpets?

12. Why can't I be three years old ever again?

13. Are there ninjas in our city?

14. Is heaven better than Kaysville?

If you have any pat, straightforward answers for some of these extra-sensitive questions, please, send them my way.

And as for question #14, Jack, yes–I do believe that if heaven exists, it IS better than our little town. But I think there just might be a little touch of Kaysville in heaven, too.

4 thoughts on “14 questions from a four year old”

  1. These questions are so, so sweet!! I remember my son asking questions like that, and when I was really, really stumped, or really, really tired, I would always give one of 3 answers (who knows how I came up with this): for decoration; God made it that way; and something like–the factory made it that way…it sure helped ME… Susie


  2. Well those are great questions ! I love some of the things kids come up with. Come on over if you have a minute ,I’m giving something away .


  3. I want an answer to #10. Willa wants another girl cousin. We want a girl baby!
    I also absolutely love questions #12 and #14. Kaysville is a pretty nice place. Perhaps Jack has a future at the Chamber of Commerce in Kaysville.


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