On Polaroid: pictures #3 and #4

I haven't kept up with posting about Jack's photo-taking adventures like I had hoped, but I have kept my promise to him to find a special something to take a picture of once a week. Time to catch up here.

Photo #3: Around the House

Jack decided on this particular day that it was picture-taking time. But it was evening, and baby Charlie was fussing, so we couldn't go far. No matter. "Let's find something to take a picture of in our yard!" Jack said. So we went searching.

We looked at rocks, we looked at plants and trees and bushes. We looked on the deck, on the patio. Front stoop. Back hollow. Nope. Then, in the backyard, Jack's eyebrows rose. "I know!" He dashed into the front yard and stood in front of our entryway door. "That," he said, pointing.

Polaroid 3

"That" is a wired and jeweled star that hangs to the left of our front door. I found it at our local thrift store for seventy-five cents. It's kind of weird. I love it. The hook on the house holds holiday items from time to time, but during most of the year the star is the star. I love that Jack thought to take a picture of it even when it was nowhere near his view. That means–for better or worse–it's memorable.

Photo #4: In the House

In our living room we have a large cabinet that holds my husband's strange little musical instruments–a tabla drum, small bongos, rain sticks, and two American Indian flutes. When inspired, Brett goes to the cabinet, picks up an instrument, and treats us to some beautiful, new-agey music. On this day, Brett was at work. "Can I see Daddy's flute?" asked Jack. I took it out of its handmade carrying case (which Brett made just for this flute) and told Jack to be very careful. He held it cautiously for a moment, and then took it into his room and announced that he wanted to take a picture of it on his throw rug.

Polaroid 4  

And so he did.

Each time Jack takes a picture, it's the same technique–he finds the subject in the viewer, then holds the entire camera a good six inches from his face. Snap. Seems to be working pretty well so far.

Jack recently wanted to take a picture of two women jogging by our house in tight spandex tops. I waited just long enough for them to jog past the neighbor's house before I answered. "Oops, too fast for us," I shrugged. Jack bought it. For now.

Time for another photo-taking adventure soon, maybe this afternoon. Let's hope for pretty flowers, a bird's nest, a butterfly resting. Or perhaps a pair of old and portly man joggers.

2 thoughts on “On Polaroid: pictures #3 and #4”

  1. The pictures are wonderful! I love that he is thinking so much about what he wants to shoot.
    It is interesting that his picture taking technique has worked as well as it has. I don’t take pictures that are as interesting and I am LOOKING through the viewfinder. Ummm, maybe it’s time to change my ways.


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