Jackdo: Rock, Rock, Rock-n-Roll Preschool

The stage is set. (With a Spidey blankee and a receiving blanket.) Audience seating has been carefully positioned–prime front-row seats in the form of bouncers, Bumbos, and playgyms. The music? Pure rock-n-roll. The venue? Kaysville, Utah, living room.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, introducing the preschool-sized sensation who named his one-man band . . . THE ROCK AND ROLL SOCK.


He begins his set with a soulful rhythm. His number two fan, thrilled to have snagged a chance to experience the show from the first row, pounds his hands and feet to the beat. Almost. (Number one fan is behind the camera.)


As The Rock and Roll Sock launches into an intricate guitar solo, number two fan looks on in infantile amazement. He is speechless. Obviously.


Rock-and-roll attire perfected (two different socks, Angus Young-style shorts, and no shirt), one final chord is held until the crowd of two is in a stupor.

I missed some of my favorite artists breezing through Utah this year because of being a new mom, again. Erykah Badu and John Mayer, specifically. But The Rock and Roll Sock just made my summer music experience complete. Jacky, rock on.

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