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Superheroic stitching

It took me just about a month (!) but, while waiting for our Tie-Dye to arrive, I finally found some see-it-through stamina to start and finish something by hand. The idea started here. In the end the project turned out like this:



The arms of Jack’s hand-drawn superhero were too wide to fit anywhere on his feety jammies, so we came up with the jeans idea instead. Jack chose the colors of perle cotton to use. He now believes it’s better to grant special powers to his DAYTIME clothes instead of his sleeping clothes, anyway. He no longer has to limit his save-the-world abilities to home or to nighttime anymore. He’ll get to save the world at preschool and the grocery store, too.

Jackman with Batman and the Joker.

And just in time to save us from yet another attack of cold-weather cabin fever, our local library recently hosted a very special night: "A Night of Superheroes." That’s where we picked up the downright creepy mask featured in the photo above. You might think Jack looks happy in the picture–but check out how ecstatic he was to be at the library on that special night:


Airplane jammies, my striped winter gloves, the handmade cape, and a new mask. For my boy, life just doesn’t get better than this, folks.

The superhero sewing may be the last crafty project I tackle before the baby is born. I’m happy with it. It’s like a little makeshift heirloom to smile about a few years from now, when Tie-Dye wears them for the first time. (I can hear myself in three years: "Yes, it’s a hand-me-down, Tie-Dye, but it has special hand-me-down powers!")

I’m guessing Tie-Dye will love the power boost he’ll get when he puts on these pants in the future. If only I could fit in them, too . . . I could use a power boost of any kind these days.

1 thought on “Superheroic stitching”

  1. You are soo cool! So is Jack. How many kids get to wear their personally designed superhero.
    Thanks for inviting us to the Superhero night. It was fun!


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