The quilt that started the blog . . . is DONE.


So, here it is. The quilt that started this blog.

After The Little Box of Baby Quilts was published early this year, I kicked around the idea of starting a blog. I like writing, and I like sharing my strange little quilts. But it was this opportunity–the chance to design a quilt for McCall’s Quilting magazine–that helped me make the decision to try a blog on for size. It was the first time I realized that my quilt-design hat, tucked neatly away after the "little box" quilts were completed, could perhaps be worn a little more often than I thought.

What I didn’t know when I wrote my first post four months ago was how much I would end up writing about my son. I keep thinking I should change the name of my blog from WildCard Quilts to WildCard Something Else because for every one post about a quilt, I write three posts about Jack. But if you are a quilter, you understand. Sometimes quilts can take a loooong time to complete. (See above photo–that quilt took four months to finish.) If I stuck to strictly quilt-related blogging as I had initially intended, you would be reading this 2-3 times a week:

    "Today, I pieced a block. Tomorrow, I will piece another block, if I can find 20 consecutive minutes to do so. Have a great day!"

No, scratch that–you wouldn’t be reading, would you?

I’m glad I decided to loosen up and just write about what I love–my family, my kid, my quilts. So if you stumbled upon this site expecting pages full of quilt photos and quilt stories and quilt-related lore, sorry to disappoint. I am writing about my quilts–but much more often, I’m writing about who inspires them.

4 thoughts on “The quilt that started the blog . . . is DONE.”

  1. I found you thru some quilting site — can’t remember who now. I love your quilt.
    Good tip for Jacko (we don’t cut our money) That was so funny… gave me a good laugh). Oh how I remember those days.


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