Unexpectedly, I went to New York on Thursday.

A four-day, party-‘til-your-pins-drop event kicked off for Utah quilters this week—the seventh-annual Utah
Shop Hop
. It’s a time for groups of women along the Wasatch Front to don
matching t-shirts and flip-flops, carry noisemakers to grab the attention of
shop employees, and fill gigantic quilted bags with quilt-related loot. Fifteen
times in a row.

This year’s shop-hop theme is “Trip around the World.” Thursday
I visited my favorite quilt shop, Threads
of Time
. The shop used to be in the city of Centerville,
but it had been transported to the City That Never Sleeps. At
least through Saturday.

The best quilt-shop staff in New York—and in Utah!
That’s Stacy, shop owner, in the center.

Stacy was kind enough to dedicate the alcove by the front
door to a display about the “little box.” She called on the second day of the
shop hop to ask if I had more copies she could borrow from me to sell—she had already
sold out of her 30 copies. Hot dog! I took a case over to her that afternoon.


While I was waiting in line to buy $40 worth of fabric I
didn’t even know I needed, a woman started asking Stacy about the baby-quilt
display. Stacy pointed me out in line as the designer. The woman purchased a
copy of the “little box” and then asked me to sign it. What a hoot! To actually
see someone buy the thing right in front of my eyes—that made my day in New York even sweeter.

Stacy even made kits for the “Silly Stripes
and Doodle Dots” quilt. So

Threads of Time will officially revert back to its Utah location on Monday. So if you’re ever passing through, don’t miss a visit. And if I ever get to visit New York, you can be sure I’ll be quilt-shop hoppin’. Because from what I can tell, those New York quilters are really quite fun.

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