Meet Willa

To my sister’s great relief, my niece was finally, finally born on Thursday. I’m feeling peachy.


Willa is eat-you-up adorable, with a heart-shaped pouty mouth, a wee little nose, and the perfect amount of chubby on her cheeks. I had a second-row seat as a witness to her birth (doctor and dad had dibs on the first row.) I saw it all. ALL, I’m telling you. I’ve never seen it from that end. Messy, but astonishing. There really WAS a baby in there!

Willa, welcome. I’m your Aunt Jenny. I promise to become your Very Favorite Aunt over the coming months with a sickening amount of spoiling, pampering, fussing over, and indulging of your every whim.

Congratulations Melainie and Bill. YOU DID IT!

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