ALERT: Jackspeak

I’ve been away from this space for awhile, busy with a new work-related/writing-related project that I’m excited to share soon. (Not sure I’ve ever mentioned before that I work here. It's way cool.) Haven’t had enough time to share much on the blog, which makes me sad. However, Jack and Charlie certainly haven’t been slacking on the –talks and –speaks. So today, a Jackspeak.

. . . . .

Many already know that we’re a vegetarian family—me for 17 years, Jack and Charlie since birth. But we’ve slowly been taking a turn toward veganism. It’s been a fun experiment, and it’s been an easier switch than either Brett or I thought it would be. (Although I’m still not sure I can forever say goodbye to store-bought birthday cakes or Pizza Hut. We’ll see.)

Anyway, we’ve always talked a lot about where our food comes from. A few nights ago, Jack experienced an a-ha moment.

Jack: “You know, they shouldn’t call them ‘hot dogs.’ They should call them ‘hot pigs.’ Because they’re made from pigs.”

Me: “That does seem to make more sense, doesn’t it?”

“And veggie dogs shouldn’t be called ‘veggie dogs.’ They should be called ‘veggie pigs.’ Not because they’re made out of pigs . . . just because now the pig kind of hot dogs—I mean hot pigs—are called hot pigs. And it would be weird to call them ‘veggie dogs’ if we called the pig kind of hot dogs ‘hot pigs.’

“Makes crystal-clear sense to me, kid.”

3 thoughts on “ALERT: Jackspeak”

  1. Lisa, I'm so glad you commented today–hi! 🙂 You are sure right about those kids of ours–they always bring a fresh (and often funny) perspective to anything and everything.
    Thank you for your kind words about the book; you just made my day. I hope your munchkins will lend you a bit of time to create, although boy do I know those times can sometimes be few and far between. But someday we'll have all the time in the world, and we'll do a 180-degree turn and miss the little ones! Enjoy 'em while you can I guess, huh?
    Have a great weekend!


  2. that is just fantastic! kids understand things so much more than we adults do sometimes.
    btw, i’ve followed you a while but have never commented, but i love the things you do and love your book resew. can’t wait to get a little free time from my munchkins and try something out! 🙂 lisa


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