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halloween 2011

This year, I finally took pictures of the boys in their costumes before nightfall. Daylight sure does help. Thought I’d share before we head out to trick and treat tonight!

Two weeks ago:
BeforeThrifted pieces for costumes.

Tonight, Charlie debuts as:



Charlie4Lots of cool karate moves included.

Jack debuts as:



After the karate hero and scary monster encounter a flying bug. . .
Frankenstein shows us his fascination with rocks.
Jack2Rocks good.


Halloween3Looks like it’s gonna be a fun night . . . as long as those spooky, evil, scary flying bugs—otherwise known as flies—don’t take over. I’m sure the boys will brave the danger for the rewards ahead.

Happy Halloween!

7 thoughts on “halloween 2011”

  1. Oh how awesome! (I started to say cute, and remembered that big guys don’t always equate cute with positives, like cool, or awesome!) LOL They look amazing, and I bet they had a ball. Hope those terrible flying bugs stayed away and they made a big haul of candy!


  2. Ha ha–I love that they immediately knew! Everyone kept calling Charlie "Avatar," which is apparently the cartoon version of the last airbender. He was almost in tears because he thought nobody knew who he was for Halloween. We explained that they were the same person and he felt better. 🙂 What were your littles for Halloween?


  3. Oh WOW I showed the pictures to my kids and then we started to reminisce about all the Jack and Charlie moments we have had, thanks for posting. Ella and Sam knew exactly what Charlie was dressed as before I even read the caption.


  4. Oh Denise, I'm so happy to hear from you! Yes, compared to past Halloweens Jack is so grown up (and so opinionated). I love that you still have that picture from little Jack, who isn't so little anymore. Man, that was awhile ago. I'm so glad you commented–keep in touch, and enjoy your holiday season!


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