ALERT: Charlietalk (rated PG-13)

Since Charlie entered the world of language, we’ve been teaching him the appropriate names for body parts. We did the same thing with Jack. We thought it was a good idea try and keep the subject open, honest, and shame-free.

For the most part, Jack uses the words when appropriate. Done. But our little Charlie. Oh dear.

Right now, Charlie has a dreadful, seemingly incurable case of. . . 

The Potty Mouth.

Current phase: Charlie will tack on a word for a (private) body part at the end of any sentence, at any time, just to see if he can get a laugh. He likes to make people laugh. Comedian.

Preschool was coming up, so we decided to sit Charlie down for a serious talk. We told him about words that were appropriate to use at school. And we talked to him about specific words that were certainly not appropriate to use at school. He listened. He seemed to understand the message we were trying to convey.

Last week we took Charlie to his first day of preschool. He loved it! When school was over he ran to Brett and I, hugged us tightly around the legs, and yelled, “That is the best world EVER!” We hugged him back, buckled him in the car, and started the short drive home.

Charlie: “My school was so awesome!”

Me: “I’m so proud of you! I’m glad you had a good time.”

“And guess what?”


“I didn’t even say vagina or anything!”

YES. So very, very proud indeed.


3 thoughts on “ALERT: Charlietalk (rated PG-13)”

  1. Ah hah hah!! Love preschoolers. (We have interesting issues with body part words at our house too.)
    Hoping your move went (is going?) well! And hoping to see you at The Sewing Summit!


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