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Thrifted!: five quirky dresses

It’s 6:58 am. Thirty-eight people shuffle their feet in front of a store, waiting for the doors to unlock. They’re sleepy, but poised for a treasure hunt. I’m standing with them. I'm stealthily dressed in a loose tank dress and slip-off shoes. A small purse with a long strap is draped over one shoulder and across my body, holding only a debit card, a finely curated shopping list, and Burt’s Bees lip balm.

I had my morning shot of Diet Coke. I listened to loud, happy music on the drive in and I sang along, loud and happy. The anticipation amplifies. I’m pumped.

I hear the theme from Rocky in my head.

Okay, now you're just getting weird, I think to myself.

The doors open. It's time to play.

It’s 50% off day at the thrift store. I’m ready!

Amidst the fun of the 4th of July weekend—filled with food, fireworks, and a mass of mosquito bites (welcome back, little Beelzebubs)—I found a bit of time for a cheerful jaunt to the thrift store.

It was what I call a “jackpot” day.

Five summery dresses. Five. In my size. In my style. And most certainly in my budget. None made more than a $6 dent in my debit card.

I brought my dresses home to my three boys. The response? Kind. They care, of course. But they don’t care, you know, like dress hoarders do. Any dress hoarders out there? I need a little share 'n care.

Dress #1: the doily dress

Dress1What a unique mix of woven and knit fabrics, stripes and piping. And then they go and throw in a doily.


Right side, left side.


The dress had ties sewn into the side seams. Didn’t like ‘em. Took ‘em out. Now it’s just right.

Dress #2: the linen flowers dress

An everyday dress for summer. Such a pretty pattern, I think. I love that linen doesn't like to hug your curves too much. Thank you, linen.

Dress #3: the girly-girl dress

Dress3This dress is frilly, no doubt—more frills than I’m used to. But it was unusual enough to catch my eye. I love the texture of raw edges, and this has lots of raw-edge and machine-embroidered detail. I played down the girly-girlness a bit by pairing it with jeans and heavy shoes.


A close-up of those pretty details.

Dress #4: the mod-pod dress

Dress4Holy bizarro. I could not NOT take this dress home. The outside layer is cotton cutwork; the inside layer is a white cotton tank-style slip. I figured, why not bizarre-it-up even more with polka-dot leggings?


Here’s hoping I’ll find a way to pull this dress off, sometime, somewhere.

Dress #5: the date night dress


Bretty likes it. Enough said. Now we just need find a date for a date!

A quick thrifting tip: if you live near a Savers or a Value Village thrift store, they announce 50% off sales a few times a year. You can sign up for their newsletter to get reminders about their sales. Next one is around Labor Day.

Thanks for letting me share my finds. I hope you had a happy weekend!

12 thoughts on “Thrifted!: five quirky dresses”

  1. Shari, thank you so much for comment; it cracked me up. Zany–I like
    it! 🙂 It's so great that your husband enjoys thrifting too. My
    husband finally came around last year. Now the whole family is on


  2. I have a brother-in-law who is a great "dickerer." Once he dickered
    for me at a thrift store and got me a beautiful vase for less than
    half the asking price. I am forever grateful to him. But me? Too shy
    to dicker, or haggle, or anything. Even at garage sales. Aargh!


  3. Ahhh, you lucky girl, you! Great finds, and they are quite becoming! I’m itching to get to the thrift store nearby…I hear they are trying to move a lot of their “stuff” and are willing to dicker! (Old southern term for what NY folks used to call haggling down!) LOL Fun post!


  4. Great finds, those dresses are awesome. Frankly, when VV has there major sales I don’t usually go because the crowd is huge and it’s not much fun. I’m itching to get out there, we’ve got a couple of new shops around now. Probably about 15 within 20 miles.


  5. Hello What a delight your blog is, just love viewing all your zannie but wonderful ideas! Keep them coming Girl! I do love to view the thrift shops for treasures. Hubby and I are both retired, Wed., is seniors discount at a Thrift Shop in town. Wed. we plan our day in town, combining shopping and errands for the wk. Always the first stop is the thrift shop he enjoys it as much as I. Many thanks. Shari


  6. Great dresses! I especially like the doily dress, and the black one with the cut-outs, and polka dot tights. You always make me smile!


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