ALERT: Charlietalk

We’re taking care of our neighbor’s baby chickens over Memorial Day weekend. They’re just a few weeks old, still tiny. Charlie crouches down and watches the chicks peck around in their crate.

Charlie: “They are delightful!”

Me: “They are, aren’t they?”


“Maybe later we can take them out and play with them for a little bit.”

“Can we juggle them?”

“Probably not.”

3 thoughts on “ALERT: Charlietalk”

  1. Ah yes, children's wisdom… so, well, entertaining!
    I haven't yet had the chance to get rid of the "black arm
    accessory." But soon, I hope. Glad the husband is around with a
    strong arm. Hope all is well with you, too!


  2. That’s precious! Oh, I miss having little ones’ wisdom in the house!
    By the way, did you have that necessary procedure so you could ditch the lovely black arm accessory? How are you getting along? Hope all is well.


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