The ReSew blog tour, day nine: V and Co.

Welcome to day nine of the



With sharp, stylish designs, straight talk, and a good dose of humor, Vanessa's posts at V and Co. are just plain 'ol addicting. Her Fabric Flower Ring tute and Fabric Bracelet pattern make me wish I would've thought of them first. She's got categories called "It's All About Me," "My Crazy Kids," and "Somebody Shoot Me." Go for the craft, stay for the talk.

Head over to Vanessa's blog and read what she has to say about ReSew. She'll be hosting a giveaway of the book at a later date–she's offered to share her experience with the book by actually making one of the projects from it. Talk about an honest review! Got me shaking in my boots a bit, even.

Hope you'll join Vanessa today! If you do, I bet you'll want to visit her again tomorrow.

1 thought on “The ReSew blog tour, day nine: V and Co.”

  1. Just popping by to say Hi as recommended by Canton Village quilt works in the hope of winning the Modern Basics book. Love your blog. Am now a follower Thanks Vicki


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