The ReSew blog tour, day five: I am Momma . . . Hear Me Roar!

Welcome to day six of the



Momma–also known as Cheri–has a roar that you can hear all throughout the craft blogosphere! At I Am Momma Hear Me Roar, Cheri is not only fabulously creative; she truly writes from the heart. Her "Wake Up Wednesdays" are one of the most creative weeklies I've ever seen on a blog. Each week, Cheri challenges you to seek out ways to perform an act of kindness in your community. The posts have completely inspired me to act. And that, I think, is a whole new level of creativity. 

Iammommahearmeroar Her recipe for success also includes a heapin' spoonful of adorable photos of her little boys. I'm such a sucker for that! Head over to ROAR today for a ReSew review and giveaway, all part of Cheri's Soapbox Saturday feature. Thanks, Cheri! I hear your roar.

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