The ReSew blog tour, day five: everyone flock to Crafty Nest!


Welcome to day five of the



Today the ReSew tour is dropping by Crafty Nest, built by a woman with a sharp eye for style and a passion for doing chic on the cheap. I first found Monica's site when Jack and I made these fabulously huge snowflakes two Christmases ago, and I've followed her ever since.

Monica's had an impressive work history as a graphic designer for O, The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, and Sunset. Just head over to her tutorial page and you'll see why she's a favorite to follow. Plus, she loves to upcycle! I got a kick out of what she says about upcycling on her blog:

"I attempt to keep my projects as easy as possible for people like me who don’t have a lot of time to kill. However, they invariably end up being more difficult than I plan."

Monica, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Head on over to Crafty Nest today for a Q & A with Monica and me, and enter to win a copy of ReSew while you're there!

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