The ReSew blog tour, day four: CraftGossip!

Welcome to day four of the



Today we're heading over to a crafty girl's dreamland; a seemingly endless virtual library of projects, patterns, techniques, ideas, and inspirations for nearly every craft under the sun. Everyone's gossiping about it. It's CraftGossip!

Craft Gossip
Just about anyone who's crafty knows about CraftGossip–one of the best places on the internet to visit when you need a jolt of inspiration. Anne, the curator of the sewing section of CraftGossip, is a friendly, funny woman who brings the freshest ideas in creativity to her site every day. Today Anne's reviewing ReSew and hosting a giveaway of the book too! Head over here to check it all out.

On Friday, the ReSew tour is dropping by Crafty Nest, built by a woman with a sharp eye for style and a passion for doing chic on the cheap. I first found Monica's site when Jack and I made these fabulously huge snowflakes last Christmas, and I've followed her ever since. Hope you'll join us!

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