the ReSew blog tour, day three: meet Amy, and her very creative side

Welcome to day three of the




If you are a quilter–or if you've ever wanted to be–you will love the view over at:


I think I'd like to dub the woman behind Amy's Creative Side with a new name–Amy-zing! Her blog shot into much-deserved fame from the get-go; she has her own beautiful quilt book out, called Modern Basics; and she and a friend have singlehandedly created the Sewing Summit, a sewing and blogging conference for the modern sewist, to be held this October in Salt Lake City. Whew! (When I think about the Sewing Summit I get so excited I almost pee my pants. Seriously.)

Head on over to Amy's place to get her take on ReSew, see some interior shots from the book, and enter to win a free copy of the book too! And while you're there, don't miss the chance to check out this prolific quilt designer's work. She is a powerhouse of ideas for gorgeous, streamlined, modern style. I wanna drape my house with her quilts, inside and out. My grass and trees, too.

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