11 thoughts on “ALERT: Jackdo”

  1. Another new reader, I´ve just wandered over after seeing your book mentioned several times on other blogs and decided to stay and read more after seeing the blog title. And now I´m sitting in the mess ¨I didn´t¨ make and celebrating.
    Merci beaucoup – all the way from the edge of France.


  2. I just love that you stopped to tell me how much we have in common; your comment gave me goose bumps. Thank you so much. You are right–it is unlikely you would have seen my blog otherwise. It’s pretty piddly but I am marching on with it, readers or not! 🙂 Thank you again for such a kind comment. Just made my day.


  3. Jenny, I came to your blog through “Sew Mama Sew” and having read through many posts (because I’m out of school today!), and loving your Jack and Charlie speak (I love pears, too) and the precious Mommies book (I’m a sucker for a sweet kid’s book) and the wonderful Quilt that was adopted by you (You know that is exactly what you are doing, giving it the love and respect it has earned), I just wanted you to know you’ve got a new friend. I doubt I would’ve crossed your bloggy path otherwise. Blessings!


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