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meet my book: ReSew!

For me, the countdown to the release of ReSew officially begins today with the completion of this little video. Just a dozen days left!

(You can also view it on YouTube, here.)

That was fun. Hope you thought so too.

ReSew's official release date is February 7th, when you can order the book at the publisher's site, Martingale & Company (where you'll get it shipped first), as well as at Amazon and Barnes & Noble (where you'll get it shipped next). And if you are into brick and mortar, it'll be coming to a bookstore near you, too.

I hope you enjoyed meeting my girl! Now that the work I put into her is behind me (along with the work of all who made her so beautiful at M&C), it's time to give her wings. Here's to crossing fingers that she flies.

6 thoughts on “meet my book: ReSew!”

  1. Awesome! I heard about this book on another blog, but will begin to follow you as well! Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win!


  2. Love the ReSew vid, you clever girl! Great tune, great caps, great design, great fun. I can’t wait to use your book to do some resewing myself.


  3. Hi, Jenny. I work with your brother-in-law John in Wichita, and he just shared your ReSew YouTube link with me. I, of course, had to check out your blog. Fun stuff! I’m looking forward to following it now. Can’t wait to check out your book!


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