Thrifted!: Joy, laughter, tears. All secondhand.

I go thrifting at least once a week, list in hand. Sometimes I find what I need. Sometimes not. Either way, I always browse through the entire store before making my exit. 'Cause you never, never know what you might find.

Case in point. THIS:

Sunflowers1Savers, Layton, Utah, $8.00.

I wasn't looking for a hand-crocheted throw featuring GIANT YELLOW SUNFLOWERS. But I found one. It's loud. It's gregarious. It's merry. It's a bit giggle-inducing. Did I mention it's loud? And now it's mine. Thank you, person who threw out this throw. Because now this amazing ode to joy is in my living room, ode-ing away.

Case in point. THIS:

Litebrite1Deseret Industries, Layton, Utah, $5.00.

I couldn't help but notice this lamp on a rolling rack of items that hadn't even been shelved yet. I laughed out loud. It instantly took me back to my childhood, striking up memories of me plugging in Lite-Brite pieces with my little brother. My little brother came to visit a couple weeks back with his wife and new daughter. I purposely set the lamp at his bedside. I do believe he thought it was AWESOME, too.

Case in point. THIS:

Mothers1Deseret Industries, Layton, Utah, $0.75.

I like to search for books for the boys at the thrift store, and this particular store has a large wall dedicated to children's books. I am talking THOUSANDS of children's books to sift through. Charlie was with me during this shopping visit, and I was able to browse at length as he sat on the floor and perused books on the bottom shelf. I found this dinosaur book and this discussion starter about faith for Jack, and this bedtime tale for Charlie. Then I spied a large, vintage-looking hardcover book. The spine read, What Do Mothers Do? I slid the book off the shelf and opened it to the copyright page. 1966. Yikes, thought the feminist in me. This should be interesting. But like, not in a good way.

 And then I read the simple text:

Just what do mothers do? You know.
Your mother and all mothers are, oh, so
busy taking good care of their children.

They get us up in the morning,
serve our breakfasts,
play with us,
and help us learn to walk and talk.
Mothers teach us to be careful crossing streets,
keep our homes clean and cozy,
and show us how to save.
Mothers take us on picnics,
and teach us good manners.
We always wash before meals,
and share with each other.
Mothers take us swimming,
guard us from danger,
and like to see us happy.
They show us how to do tricks,
have parties for us,
answer our questions,
and take us riding.
Mothers also give us baths,
tell us stories,
sing to us,
and tuck us in bed. But–
what do mothers do that's
best of all? They love
their children very much!

In the children's book aisle at the thrift store, Charlie at my feet busy covering himself in Elmo books, I cried. Because, you know. That's what mothers do.

Joy. Laughter. Tears. Worth every penny. Hit your local thrift store soon; you never know when you may find your own ode to joy.


6 thoughts on “Thrifted!: Joy, laughter, tears. All secondhand.”

  1. Jenny, I got tears when I read the “What do Mother’s Do” part. I often am so hard on myself, telling myself that “I could have done so much more had I had my shit together as much as I do now. But, you know, I did do all those things with you kids. And, so I am shedding grateful tears, to you for sharing your magnificant self, and to the Univese for having such wonderful kids.
    I love you


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