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ALERT: Charlietalk

Potty learning has gone remarkably well with Charlie. We've been out of diapers for two months. The Potty Book for Girls has been an instrumental part of Charlie's success. Yes, it's about a girl, but it's an adorable rhyming story that Charlie asked us to read to him every day for months. And often, when we reached this page, he had an interesting editorial comment to make.

Me: "It's time to go with Mom and Dad to buy new underwear. Can you guess who gets to choose that very special pair?"

Charlie: "Oooh! I yuv pears. They are so yummy and juicy. I yuv those pears!"


3 thoughts on “ALERT: Charlietalk”

  1. Paula, your little Chaz is so funny! Definitely reminds me of my two
    boys and the crazy things they say. I started up the "Jackspeak" and
    "Charlietalk" categories on the blog for the very reason you
    mention–so I don't forget the the wacky and weird and charming
    things they say. Charlie is only 2, so I'm really looking forward to
    him using language more and more. It's just more "Charlietalk" posts
    for me to save! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, that
    makes my day. 🙂


  2. I just found your blog and am not sure you see comments from past posts. But I will post a comment here anyway. 🙂
    I love your Jack and Charlie conversations! They are so similar to the ones I have with my own son, Chaz (a Charles, which I assume your Charlie is too).
    This post/conversation reminds of one of my favorite Chaz comments ever…Even tho he is 5, almost 6, we still have a bit of trouble with accidents as he is ‘too busy’ (playing of course) to take time to go potty. This was our short conversation one day:
    Me: Chaz, you need to go potty.
    Chaz: But I don’t need to.
    Me: When was the last time you went potty, anyway?
    Chaz: Never.
    I just love some of the things he comes up with, and I have to write them down so I never forget how wonderfully adorable he was!


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