crumbs, Jackdo

simply inspired

Awhile back, a friend of mine wrote down her email address for me on this funny little monkey sticky note.


After seeing the note on the kitchen table, Jack called for paper,
crayons, and scissors. I obliged.


He created his own funny little monkey.
And then began creating an entire jungle.


He drew lions and tigers and bears. (I know. Oh my.)


And elephants and dolphins and bats.


And giraffes and red-faced blue-horned flower-toed, um, creatures.


And … um. Okay. I don't know what this is.


But, you know. WOW. Instantly, simply inspired. From a funny little monkey sticky note.

The lesson; there's something to inspire you. Right now. Right in front of your face. Right now. Look around.

1 thought on “simply inspired”

  1. My Goodness, i am flabber ghasted and gabber flasted!! Did i mention AWED!?…i am AWED!! This is the most amazing and uplifting, beautiful demonstration of spontaneous inspiration and talent!
    I will never get over or forget the wonderful striped tiger, or the monkey!! OR the bats, and the bear….i think i see one of Foster’s imaginary friends up there.
    This happy, spontaneous, awesome, inspiring, totally AMAZING creation should become a Quilt Pattern….we will buy this for $ $ and $ and Jack can offer a correspondence course for us who are not so great.
    I have tried and hoped, but could never draw a tiger or a bear with those big teeth, and i can’t begin to say enough about the flower toes. What is that green headed, three legged, red tailed smallish critter between the bear and tiger…to the right of the larger green headed fellow?
    Well, i hope i can keep this wonderful image in my mind now & sleep for a little while. Then i will rise and gaze again upon this masterpiece.
    Please have it laminated and copied and sell us desk calendars and door decorators.
    Thank you for publishing this on your blog! i am so happy, and it is so wonderful.
    I hope the Artist has a lovely, creative day!
    Marise in Heber City


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