Thrifted!: an awesome rack

Dressform Next-neighborhood-over yard sale. $32.

A pricey rack? Perhaps, for a yard sale. But the absolute shock of finding a rack like this one at a yard sale (when I had just been pricing perkies like these last week) fogged up my bargaining skills. The seller did throw in a free wall clock and a videotape of Dead Poet's Society. Sweet!

I'm starting a new "thrifted!" category with this post. Not sure if anyone will want to follow along; it's not like another person can hit a thrift store or a yard sale and find exactly what I find. But it just might show the weird, wacky, and sometimes wonderful surprises that come with thrifting. Like when you get a free copy of an inspiring teacher movie today that you watch with your husband tonight, and it's perfect because he recently left a 20-year-old career to become a teacher. And you both cry at the end.

Or like when you write an entire book about thrifting and sewing and sewing and thrifting, and you aren't sure how it's going to work out, and sometimes you feel silly about the whole thing, like you shouldn't be doing it because, you know, what do you know about it, anyway? And then a special something that marries your passions for both thrifting and sewing meets you at a yard sale. Like a sign. Kinda weird and wacky and wonderful. And perky too.

So, welcome to the "thrifted!" category at the WildCards. Not much else to say except the obvious. Carpe diem.

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