Two years.

We celebrated Charlie-Barley's birthday this past weekend. Our littlest is now two years old. Looking back at my one year post about Charlie, I remember thinking that I didn't know him very well just yet.

Times have changed.

What have we learned about you, Charlie, during this past year? Let's look back and see…

Charlie 1
You are a happy boy. Which reminds others around you be happy, too.

You like to move.


Charlie 7
Spring, summer, fall…


or winter… (or, in this case, winter in spring…)

You love to play outside.

Charlie 10
You love your daddy.

Charlie 3
And you will follow your brother to the ends of the earth. And downstairs, even.

You like your mama's sewing stuff.

 Charlie 2

And you will humor her by wearing the stuff she sews
(like this Daredevil costume, originally made for Jack).

You still like birthday cake. Same as last year.

And–same as last year–we are all unabashedly in love with you. 

Charlie, you are an endless source for teaching and learning (it goes both ways). You are an endless source of hugs and cuddles. You are an endless source of laughter and entertainment. You are an endless source for reminding us how to live. LIVE (with a long "I").

Wow. All of that in our home, every day. An endless source for all of it. Who could ask for more?

Our days are brighter with you in it, little bean. I am so happy you are ours.

Now, on to year three.

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