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The hiatus.

I like blogging. I just can't seem to find the time to do it lately. Incredible messes made by two little boys have gone unphotographed. Little slice-of-life stories have gone unwritten. A number of Jackspeaks have gone undocumented. (Now that last one's a pity, I say.) But I've been busy. Busy with things like

sewing. (unpicking.) resewing. cutting. pinning. (poking. bleeding.) writing. rewriting. inventing. (trying.) drawing. (trying.) doodling. imagining. dreaming. (and lately, nightmaring.)

and otherwise totally freaking OUT.

Why the freak out? Because. I'm writing another book. Except this time, it's a book. Not a box. It has pages. That you can turn and everything. So very cool.

(Although I did–and still–love that box. And this wonderful publisher, who I'm working with again.)

If you've ever wondered how a book is made–a book about sewing, in particular–here's a very rough retrospective of my experience up to this point. In pictures.

There's a lot of pinning involved.

And much sewing.

And did I mention pinning?

And a lot of trying to get things…

just right.

With little ones underfoot, you learn to ignore the daily messes
so you can get things done.

Alternatively, you can actually let them make messes so you can get things done. (Charlie gets to play in Niko's cat food. I get to finish ironing my binding. I got it done. See, it works!)

Of course, there are some messes you simply cannot ignore. So, because you are eating and sleeping and dreaming BOOK, you make a to-do list. Of just one thing.

And sometimes, you just let the kids join in the fun. (Like when you are trying to take a half-decent picture of something to send to the office.)

Or when you are trying to draw your illustrations quickly but accurately, and your five-year-old does something like this. Which makes you cry. Happy tears, you know.

I hope to share more details about the book soon.

The deadline is approaching fast (I counted, it's 22 days). After the deadline passes, I hope to get back to funnier, more lighthearted stuff here.

Hmm. Funnier, more lighthearted stuff. That's actually what I'm actually hoping this book will be. Sounds like I need an attitude adjustment for these last 22 days. Could use some encouragement, I think.

Meanwhile, I'll prick up my ears for a good Jackspeak in the coming weeks. I'm guessing he won't disappoint.

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