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Summer 2009. Gone.

New schools. New jobs. New projects. New responsibilities. New budget. New outlook. New season.

Autumn, I was looking forward to your cool. Why'd you go and get so dang busy? NOT cool.

I'm still remembering our summertime fun. Fondly.

Jack preschool

From the last day of preschool…

Jack kindergarten
to the first day of kindergarten. (Holding self-portrait. Cape included.)

From planting a blueberry bush…

to harvesting and preserving (for the first time!) fruit from an apricot tree.

Charlie 2
From turning my baby boy into a little girl… (For just one day. Okay, two.)

Jack AI
to turning my big boy into a concert-lover (his first, American Idol–you Lambert fans know what the blue means!).

Jack soccer
From first soccer games…

Charlie grapes
to first grape-picking.

Jack costume 1
From costumes…

Jack costume 2
and costumes…

Jack costume 3
and costumes…

Jack costume 4
and costumes…

Jack costume 5
and costumes…

Jack and Charlie 2
to teaching Charlie about costumes.

Brett and Charlie
And to this… which may just be the cutest picture of our summer.

Our lives have changed dramatically this past month or two, with hopes for an even better future (although we are blessed to have an incredible, awesome NOW.) But what a wonderful, relaxing, fun summer it was. I'm so glad we took the time to be there for it.

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