ALERT: Jackdo

Okay, I admit it. We have a TV. And we use it. I monitor how much, but I'm not ashamed to admit we excitedly anticipate our favorite shows. For the adults? Dexter, Breaking Bad, and 30 Rock. For the boys? Mostly just Signing Time. Unless, of course, you count every superhero show on every cartoon-type network out there. So, that would be, um, Spiderman, Batman, Ironman, the Justice League, TMNT, and others, in every incarnation available. (I think Batman has like, six or seven different shows: Batman the Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Batman: The Brave and the Bold. On and on. Holy franchise, Batman.)

And for the whole family? American Idol. Every year. Every show.

Of course, I'm all about moderation. TV is fun, but so are lots of other things. So, we negotiate a little each day. And as Jack recently practiced writing his letters, I finally saw proof that we don't ONLY watch the superhero shows. We also watch our fair share of the glorified educational stuff.


Yep. Along with Ironman: Armored Adventures, we think Reading Rainbow rocks, too.

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