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Mornings with Mama: Cotton Balls

When you have little boys, you learn to keep certain things up high and out of reach–chemicals, toilet-bowl brushes, medicines–to keep the little boys safe. Over the years, I've learned that you can also keep certain things up high to avoid catastrophic messes that little boys can make. Like lotion. Liquid soap. Folded towels and sheets and pillowcases. (Unless you like folding things twice.)

This particular morning, my little boys found a bag of cotton balls in the bathroom. Certainly no danger in that. But I was shocked to find that on the catastrophic mess 'o meter, it ranks up there pretty high.

Oooh. Fun, fuzzy cotton balls!

After the cotton ball discovery, everything becomes a blur.

Daddy is home, too. See the feet? I'm surprised he didn't want in on the action.

As Jacky grinds the fibers into our BLACK interim carpet with his feet, I wonder if Daddy is googling how best to clean up a cotton ball mess.

Yes, such a mess. But oh, so much fun.

Thank goodness for vacuum cleaners. And tape.

2 thoughts on “Mornings with Mama: Cotton Balls”

  1. Who knew cotton balls could bring that much joy hehe! I’d have been squirming in my skin if that were happening on my rug… but true, there’s always the vacuum 🙂


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