ALERT: Jackspeak

It is upon us. The season in a child's life when he or she finds ecstatic humor in potty jokes.

Jack: "You're a goose."

Me: "Well, you're a moose."

"You're a boose."

"You're on the loose."

"You're a foose."

"You're apple juice."

"You're orange juice."

"You're banana juice."

"You're banana poop juice!"

"Ew. That sounds pretty yucky, Jacky."

"No, no! It tastes really good because it has bananas in it."

Only being in the business of mothering for a little less than five
years, I ask you intermediate and advanced mothers out there–when does
the potty-joke season end? If I look to my husband for a gauge, I fear the season
is eternal

4 thoughts on “ALERT: Jackspeak”

  1. As a mom of 4 boys & 2 girls, I sure hate to tell you that it doesn’t. I have 3 grandchildren and now the kids are beginning the stages (potty training & all). Needless to say they are getting “paid back” pretty good, but it still hasn’t changed them. We get to hear all the stories and jokes from them about our little babies! Surely they wouldn’t be that bad???


  2. I’m afraid you’re in for the long haul, my friend!
    In totally unrelated news, did you see this month’s Quilters Newsletter magazine? Somebody made your “Lift Off!” quilt and sent QN a photo.


  3. Start enjoying it Jenn…. I have girls, and they even got into it. Ga GA Poo POO will become a regular saying around your house for sometime now!


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