ALERT: Jackspeak

Dinner is finished. We're full. Jack has been asked to finish two more bites of his salad and all of his milk before leaving the table.

Jack: "But after I'm done with salad will you put my milk in a sippy cup so I can drink it in the living room?"

Me: "Sure, sweetie. That's fine."

"I love you, mom."

"I love you too, bean."

"You are the best of all the mommies. I will love you always and even after you die."

"Well, thank you, but I hope you won't have to worry about that for awhile."

"And I will write a note about it. And I will glue it on your stone."

"My stone?"

"Yes. The stone that lays over you when you die."

"Oh, yes. My gravestone, okay. What will the note say?"

"You are the best of all the mommies and I love you so, so much."

"Well I would just love that on my stone. Thank you."

"You get the paper and I'll get the glue."

"First things first. Two more bites."

4 thoughts on “ALERT: Jackspeak”

  1. I love what the kids come up with ….that is too cute! Kyle was driving with Sydney one day, and they drove past a cemetery. Sydney asked him if the was the place you go when your skin falls off. WHAT!?!?!?!? They things they think!!


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