ALERT: Jackspeak

Jack, Charlie, and I sit down at the kitchen table for lunch. As I aim a spoonful of mashed bananas toward Charlie's mouth, his energetic hands bat it away. Bananas fling onto the floor, the chair, and Charlie's hand.

Me: "Oh good heavens, Charlie."

Jack: "What does good heavens mean?"

"Well, it's just an expression to use when you're surprised, and maybe a little bit annoyed. Like oh my heck, or holy moly."

"Or holy crap?"

In a matter of miliseconds, I review the five W's to carefully weigh my answer:

WHO did he hear that expression from?
WHAT is the proper definition of "crap"?
WHEN is it a good time to accept that your son is going to say "holy crap!" on a regular basis? (The parenting books don't say.)
WHERE is a sponge so I can clean up this sticky mess?

And finally . . .

WHY are you making such a big deal out of this? Holy crap, Jenny.

"Yes, exactly like holy crap. It's just an expression."

4 thoughts on “ALERT: Jackspeak”

  1. I always look forward to your Jackspeak posts. When Madeleine was around 16 mo. old, I overheard “oh gah-dumit”-yikes! Holy crap is much better…and you can bet I cleaned up my language! Sheesh, now she’s 16 YEARS old and I still have to remind her to watch her language.


  2. Gosh darn it. Where did he hear that? Ha!
    I am looking forward to hearing him say “Holy Crap” when we come later this morning.


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