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Christmas, come and gone.

From the day of our first snow to now, I have not typed. I have not surfed. No single or double clicking. No freezing up, rebooting, or control-alt-deleting. No remembering or forgetting passwords. Email, yes–but only when essential to making Christmas merry. This year, I simply could not get Christmas and cyberspace to make nice and meet in the middle.

I chose Christmas. And I have a collection of blurry photos to prove it.

Christmas lights

 Making sure, indoors, that last year's icicle lights would still work outdoors.

Christmas wrap
Painting feet and hands for our Christmas-wrapping plans.

Christmas Charlie

So blurry, but so cute on Christmas morning.

Christmas Charlie 2

Exploring the tree.

Christmas cookie

Over 300 goodies for neighbors and coworkers. One hundred of these.

Christmas Jack 1

Christmas Jack 2

These photos turned out exactly how Christmas felt this year. A blur. But our days were scattered with moments of fun, moments of family, moments of gratefulness, moments of peace. Moments to capture and keep close, amid the blur.

Here's hoping your holiday was filled with crystal-clear moments.

3 thoughts on “Christmas, come and gone.”

  1. Hold on Jenny, most of life from this point on is a blur. 300 goodies-talk about obsessive! Sounds like you had lots of fun! I hope that Santa brought you a new camera so you can record these wonderful days to be remembered in years to come!


  2. I love the pictures you have posted here. Yes, I agree, Christmas was a blur, but I enjoyed it all the same.
    I am so glad you are my sister, I can’t even tell you what you mean to me, because I don’t have the words to express it adequately. You mean the world to me.
    I love you ’til the butter flies.


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