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Quilts and More (and me)

Just a quick mention . . . the winter issue of one of my favorite magazines, the fantastically hip Quilts and More, is out:

Quilts and More

And that's my fuzzy scarf project, right there on the cover.

Quilts and More 2

Modeled by an adorable young girl who, frankly, reminds me of me when I was her age. Really, I used to be irresistibly adorable like that. No, really.

The editors also created an alternate color option for the scarf, which you can find here. PLUS, complete instructions for making the scarf are online here–just click on the "Materials" link to get started.

My favorite part of all? This copy, featured on the pattern page at the allpeoplequilt.com website:

"A cuddly, warm scarf that keeps the chill out and cranks up the fashion factor!"

Hee-hee. Really? Cool.

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