ALERT: Jackspeak

Jack's frustration builds as he attempts to dribble a ball. Bounce to hand, bounce to hand, bounce . . . bounce, bounce, bounce.

Jack: "Ammit. Ammit. Ammit!"

Me: "You're doing pretty good, Jacky. Good practicing. What's that you're saying?"

"Mommy, there's a new word. I made it to say when I'm frustrated."

"Oh. And what is it?"


"Ah, that sounds like a good word to use to get your frustration out."

"It is."

"You know, it reminds me of another word."

"What word does it remind you of?"

"Well, it's a word we don't say."

"But no, you have to tell me the word. I'm not sure what you mean. You have to TELL ME the word."

"Okay. The word I'm thinking of is 'dammit.'"

"Yep, that's the word. That's the word we don't say. I don't say 'dammit.' I say 'ammit.' When I'm frustrated, I say 'ammit.'"

"Good thinking, Jack. You gonna practice your dribbling a bit more?"


Bounce to hand, bounce to hand, bounce . . . bounce, bounce, bounce.


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