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With Jack underfoot and a baby under my ribcage (and now in my arms!) for so many months, quilting hasn't been much of a priority. But it has been greatly missed. It moved up on my priority list this past weekend. Much sooner than expected. I started experimenting a bit–not just with a pile of fabrics or a block design, but with how much I could actually accomplish in these bits and pieces of time I am beginning to receive from my boys. How far could I get sewing a seam, cutting a shape, following an idea?

When my quilting time felt like it was up, I looked down at the tiny pile of scraps I had created. Hmm. Got further along than I thought I would.

What a surprise. What a thrill. What a pretty little pile.

Bits and pieces of fabric, bits and pieces of time. Just what I needed. Thanks, boys.

Jack and Charlie

2 thoughts on “Scraps”

  1. Oh my, that photo of the boys is absolutely darling!!! Glad you’re quilting again! It is amazing what you can accomplish with a few minutes here and there.


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