ALERT: Jackspeak

While listening to an intricate yet riveting conversation between his mother and father, Jack tries his best to join the complex exchange…

Me: "Anyone want an ice-cream treat? I feel like heading to the Dairy Queen drive-thru. I'm gonna get one of those brownie things–a Brownie Earthquake? It has brownie triangles, and Oreos, and ice cream and whipped cream and hot fudge. Man, those are so good. Brett?"

Brett: "Ummm… yeah, a Blizzard. With Butterfinger and… what goes good with Butterfinger?"

Me: "How about Heath bars? Do you like toffee?"

Brett: "Not particularly."

Me: "How about Oreos?"

Brett: "Hmmm. Naw, I guess just a Butterfinger Blizzard this time. What do you want, Jacky?"

Jack: "I want an ice cream cone. With ice cream in it. All the way to the bottom."

Me: "I bet they can do that, honey. I'll let them know about your special request."

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