A second podcast with Annie

In October of last year at Fall Quilt Market I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Annie Smith, quilt designer extraordinaire and owner of the design company SimpleArts. She is the founder of the first podcast for quilters, Quilting Stash. To my great surprise, Annie made a trip through Utah in June and hosted a potluck lunch for several quilters in our area. I packed up Jack and Charlie for our first real all-day outing as a threesome–I just couldn't miss the chance to see Annie again. It was worth the six city blocks we walked to see her (I accidentally parked on the wrong side of Salt Lake City's Liberty Park–it's mammoth).

To my even greater surprise, Annie included me in her podcast about Utah quilters, just to catch up on recent happenings in the WildCard household. You can listen to the podcast here. The first podcast from October is here. My, how things have changed! In the first podcast I talk about quilts, quilts, and quilts. In the second, I talk about babies, babies, and babies. And Mark Lipinski. In a good way.

Thank you again and again, Annie, for keeping in touch–and for keeping ME in touch with the quilting world with every podcast you post!

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