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Four years.

What a milestone, Jack turning four. No longer a babe, no longer a toddler, and just barely hanging on to preschooler-hood. Through diapers, through babbles. Through words and sentences. All the way through to back talk. Through walking and running and jumping and spinning and tumbling. Through owies, so many owies. And through quiet moments when mommy can still make the owies all better. Through big boy beds and big boy bedtimes and big boy behavior.

But he’s still my little boy.

Jack woke up on his birthday and asked, “Am I four yet, mommy?” I said yes. He jumped up and down and clapped. “Now I have four year old feet, and four year old hair, and a four year old head, and four year old . . . everything! I can’t believe it!”

The now four year old tour of becoming a mother made a stop in Superhero City for a little party with preschool friends. A chance for me to be creative in bits and pieces. We made a superhero training course in our backyard. When all training was completed, the first task of the new superheroes was to find Jack’s missing birthday cake.

SH capes

Each superhero received a handsewn cape at their graduation.

SH checklist

Star stickers were earned for each skill the children mastered (like throwing bean bags into hula hoops, balancing on 2 x 4s, and shooting balloons with a water hose).

SH web

They also passed a team skill–winding themselves round and round with black yarn until a spiderweb began to appear.

SH mask

Each superhero decorated a one-of-a-kind mask.

SH cake

And yes, they found the missing birthday cake. I know, I know, a birthday cake. The leftovers were mine. Mine, mine, mine.

We also hosted a small birthday party just for family.

SH feet

Family feet.

SH batman

Of course, the superhero theme remained a thread . . .

SH Brett

Daddy and Jack checking out Jack’s loot after the festivities. Love those big four year old feet!

So, the tour continues–for Jack as the son, for me as the mom. Back on the tour bus, getting ready to begin the journey toward year five. Five. My heavens. Only 363 days left until five. Please, tour bus, don’t take us there too soon.

Oh, wait, hold up, just one last stop before we really get on the road . . . to mark Charlie’s three month “birthday,” yesterday.

SH Charlie

“What the hooey is a birthday?”

Oh, my sweet and still little one . . . I guarantee Jack will fill you in on birthdays, and the parties that go along with them, soon enough.

4 thoughts on “Four years.”

  1. It is amazing how fast their babyhood flies by. I watch Willa and wonder how she got so old and able so quickly. I know we still have a loonngg way to go, but I can’t help thinking a year ago, she was taking naps in a boppy pillow.
    Jack’s superhero party went so well and without a hitch. I hope the kids had as much fun as we did doing it. I know that the balloon target game was the favorite.
    Wonder what kind of parties I will plan for Willa and what Charlie will want. That is the fun part I guess, day by day they show us who they are.


  2. Looks like a fun party! Loved seeing the pictures of the quilt over on the winner’s blog! That baby is just too cute! Have a great week!


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