The winner. And the loser wins too.

I’m thrilled to announce that Amy from Heber City, Utah, is the winner of the little blogiversary contest I held last week. Congratulations, Amy–I hope you enjoy The Little Box of Baby Quilts and the quilt I’m sending as well.

I didn’t have as many contest entries as I had anticipated for giving away a quilt. In fact, only two people entered. Two. How do you choose a random winner from TWO entries? I had to get a little creative.


I wrote the names of both commenters on separate pieces of paper. I folded up each paper and threw them over the deck into the backyard. 


Then I had Jack fetch one of the papers for me.

And that’s how Amy won.

Jenn from Independence, Kansas, gets a copy of the “little box” just for playing. That’s one nice thing about only having two entries–I can easily end up with two winners. (Hey, looky me. I found the bright side!) Thank you, both of you, for entering.

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