ALERT: Jackspeak (to melt my heart)

While getting ready for a family birthday party, baby Charlie lets us know he doesn't particularly want to go–by crying and then crying some more. I decide to stay home with the baby while Daddy and Jack head out for a night of partying.

Jack: "Mommy, please go to the party."

Me: "Well honey, I'd really like to go but I need to stay home with Charlie. He needs to stay home and I need to stay with him."

"Please go. Because you're my best."

"I am?"

"Yes. You are my best, and Daddy is my best and Charlie is my best."

"Oh, that's good. We're all your best."

"Yeah. But you are my MOST best. You are my MOST best, but not Daddy and Charlie."

"You sweet pea. You are my most best, too."

Feeling a tad guilty about the omission of Daddy and Charlie. But not that much.

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