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Sewing with sons

Well, sewing with one son. The other son is too busy to bother, with his daily lessons on sleeping and pooping and all.

I thought I’d have to wait quite a few more years before I could sew with Jack, but with a simple idea from a fantastic new book called The Creative Family by Amanda Soule, he’s on his way. Check out his first stitches–and his astonishing concentration:

If the thread comes out the BACK, put the needle through the BACK.


If the thread comes out the FRONT, put the needle through the FRONT.


My boy–the next rock star with needle and thread.

Charlie, soaking up the sewing vibe.

The finished piece.

After borrowing a purse of mine to haul special belongings (like superhero figures, doctor’s rubber gloves, and nail clippers), Jack decided he would like me to turn his stitchery into a purse for his loot. When Daddy heard the news, he had only one request:

"Don’t call it a purse. Call it a man bag."

Jack, sew on. Purse, man bag, tote, whatever. My son is sewing. SEW ON!

4 thoughts on “Sewing with sons”

  1. I think this is so wonderful! I can’t wait for Willa to be able to do this.
    She would try to eat the needle. She’s too busy learning how to cruise/walk. “Sitting is for babies”, seems to be her mantry right now.
    I am excited to see what Jack will make next.


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