Cover girl


Yes, I’m a cover girl . . . kinda. My face isn’t on the cover of this magazine, but my likeness is! It’s the quilt I’ve written about here and here and here. And now it’s THERE, on the cover of the new issue of Quilt It for Kids, put out by Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine. It never entered my mind that this quilt would be considered for the cover. So I just about peed my pants when I heard that’s exactly where it was going. How about that?

Complete instructions for making the "Fuzz Ball" quilt are inside the magazine . . .


As well as instructions for making my "Lift Off!" quilt. Love this set-up shot!

Now that the magazine is out and the quilts are back home, I’m wondering which one I should save for this little guy:


Is he a fuzz-ball kind of kid, or does he like big balloons better? Not sure just yet. But if I do say so myself . . . he’s melt-your-heart cute, ain’t he?

3 thoughts on “Cover girl”

  1. I think your mellow kid will be a lift off kid too. He’ll want to drift with the clouds while he daydreams about the simple things in life.
    Congrats cover girl and what a gorgeous baby. I’ve got to see him soon.


  2. I think he looks like a lift-off kinda guy, personally.
    You haven’t said what he weighed in at, but it’s easy to see why you were oh-so-ready for him to arrive. Wow, that’s a lot of baby!
    Congratulations on landing the cover and the inside spreads. The quilts look great!


  3. Charlie is totally melt-your-heart cute. In fact he looks perfect! You are one lucky momma to have two beautiful little boys. And you are a cover girl to boot. Woman you know how to live!


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