Welcome to life, Charlie! (a.k.a. Tie-Dye)




Our little boy decided he was done with the womb on Friday. Friday, his due date. Friday, the day our doctor had convinced us to force Charlie out by breaking my water. We had planned to arrive at the hospital at 9 a.m. for an induction. Instead, we arrived at 8:40 a.m. because of some holy-strong contractions. Charlie was born at 9:16 a.m.

Waterslide. Race car. Jet plane. Rocket ship. So fast, so fast. No time to think, no time to settle in, no time for medication. Just push.

Charlie, I was so broken up about getting induced–although there were good medical reasons, I hated that WE were choosing your birthday. But YOU. You went ahead and chose that day for yourself after all, didn’t you? Thank you. You rock. We are so very happy that you are here.

And, arriving at the hospital a mere 36 minutes before giving birth "naturally" (um, ouch!), I have this to say about myself:


That’s how I felt on Friday, anyway. Today, I’m a little achy.

Lots of close-up shots of tiny things to come soon.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to life, Charlie! (a.k.a. Tie-Dye)”

  1. Congratulations! Stay in bed with lots of ibuprofen – it does hurt! But worth it, he is beautiful or handsome as my husband made us say!


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