ALERT: Jackspeak

Now at ready-to-pop pregnancy status, I’ve been eating wintergreen-flavored Tums antacids like Smarties for the past two months. (I’ve downed so many that I now affectionately call them "tons.") I keep them on top of our headboard. Jack likes to fetch them out of the bottle for me. Before naptime, I asked Jack if he could help me by getting me two Tums before I let my head hit the pillow. The following conversation ensued:

Jack: "Mommy, what do Tums taste like?"

Me: "Well, they taste okay. But they are medicine, and only for grown-ups."

"But why can’t I eat the Tums?"

"Well, you don’t need them. And your body is too little. You might get sick if you eat them."

"Okay. But maybe one day when I have a baby in my tummy, I can eat lots of Tums like you."

"You bet, baby. When you have a baby in your tummy, I’ll buy you your very own bottle."


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